What are the differences between Validated Kits and Custom Kits?

Validated Kit:

  • Kit has been validated in situ by the Molecular Instruments Team.
  • Serves as positive control.
  • Orders ship within approximately 2 business days.

Custom Kit:

  • Probe set synthesized from scratch.
  • Orders ship within approximately 10 business days. Kits selected from the library will ship within approximately 2 business days.

How many probes do you recommend per probe set?
When mapping the expression pattern for a new target mRNA, we balance brightness, robustness, and cost considerations by using a probe set containing 5 DNA probes.

Can I mix and match HCR amplifiers and Alexa Fluors?
Yes. You can order any of five next-generation DNA HCR amplifiers (B1, B2, B3, B4, B5) with any of five Alexa Fluor dyes (488, 514, 546, 594, 647).

How long does it take to perform in situ hybridization for five target mRNAs?
The same amount of time it takes for one target mRNA. In whole-mount zebrafish embryos, we use a 36-hour protocol that includes two overnight incubations, enabling the researcher to maintain a normal sleep schedule.

What if I have other questions?
Please email the Molecular Instruments Team at support@molecularinstruments.org.

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